How To Use Rewards On Draftkings

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July 21, 2023
How To Use Rewards On Draftkings


How To Use Rewards On Draftkings: The exciting world of using rewards on DraftKings, where your passion for daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting is rewarded in a multitude of ways. DraftKings, a leading online gaming platform, has designed an intuitive rewards system to enhance your gaming experience, provide added value, and elevate the thrill of competing in your favorite sports contests.

Using rewards on DraftKings is a user-friendly and engaging process. As you participate in DFS contests or place sports bets, you earn valuable reward points, which serve as your gateway to a treasure trove of benefits. These rewards range from entry fee discounts and free contest entries to exclusive contests with substantial prize pools. Climbing through loyalty tiers will unlock even more enticing perks, such as personalized customer support and special promotions tailored to your preferences.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of daily fantasy sports and sports betting, DraftKings’ rewards program caters to all levels of engagement. It not only encourages active participation but also motivates you to strategize and optimize your gameplay for the best possible experience.

What are rewards on DraftKings?

Rewards on DraftKings are a loyalty program designed to offer bonuses, benefits, and exclusive perks to its users. By participating in various activities on the platform, players can earn reward points, which can be redeemed for entries into contests or used to claim other exciting offers.

DraftKings is a popular online platform that offers daily fantasy sports and sports betting opportunities to millions of users. At the core of its appeal lies an enticing system of rewards designed to enhance the gaming experience and incentivize continued engagement.

On DraftKings, rewards are a range of benefits and bonuses granted to users for their active participation and loyalty. These rewards are distributed across various dimensions of the platform, including daily fantasy sports contests, sports betting, and loyalty programs. Players can earn rewards points based on their wagering activity and achievements in fantasy sports, with higher stakes often resulting in more substantial rewards.

DraftKings employs a tier-based loyalty program, where players can climb through different levels, each unlocking new perks and privileges. These rewards may include exclusive contests, entry fee discounts, cashback incentives, personalized customer support, and even access to special events or experiences.

The platform frequently offers time-limited promotions and bonuses that allow users to earn additional rewards. These may come in the form of deposit matches, free bets, or unique challenges that, when completed, yield extra rewards.

How To Use Rewards On Draftkings

Where is my rewards on DraftKings?

Log into a DraftKings product of your choice. Tap your profile photo in the top left corner. Tap Dynasty Rewards. Your current tier will be displayed at the top of the page, with a progress bar indicating how many Tier Credits you’ve accumulated towards the next tier.

As a user on DraftKings, you can access your rewards and track your progress through the “My Rewards” section, a dedicated area within your account dashboard. To locate your rewards, follow these steps:

  • Log in: Visit the DraftKings website or open the DraftKings app on your mobile device and log in using your registered username and password.
  • Navigate to “My Rewards”: Once logged in, locate and click on the “My Rewards” tab. In the desktop version, this tab is typically located at the top right corner of the screen. On the mobile app, it may be found in the main menu or in a similar accessible location.
  • View your rewards: Upon entering the “My Rewards” section, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive overview of your earned rewards, loyalty points, and any other bonuses you’ve accumulated during your time on the platform.
  • Check reward progress: Within this section, you can also track your progress towards achieving higher loyalty tiers and see what additional benefits and rewards you can unlock as you advance.

How do you use free credits on DraftKings?

  • Visit the DraftKings Casino website and log in to your account.
  • Find the game you would like to play.
  • Click on the “i” icon before you press play.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Select: “Play With Free Credits.”

Using free credits on DraftKings is a straightforward and enjoyable process that allows users to participate in daily fantasy sports and sports betting without spending their own money. If you have earned or received free credits on DraftKings, here’s how you can use them:

  1. Log in: Access your DraftKings account by visiting the website or launching the mobile app and log in using your credentials.
  1. Add entries to contests: For daily fantasy sports, browse the available contests in your chosen sport and entry fee range. When you find a contest you want to join, click on it, and DraftKings will prompt you to choose your lineup using the salary cap provided. Instead of paying with cash, you can use your available free credits to cover the entry fee.
  1. Place sports bets: If you prefer sports betting, navigate to the sportsbook section. Choose the sport and the specific event you want to bet on. When you add your selection to the betting slip, you will see an option to use your free credits to place the wager instead of using real money.
  1. Enjoy the action: Once you have used your free credits to enter a contest or place a bet, sit back and enjoy the excitement of the game. If your entry or bet is successful, you’ll receive winnings that are added to your account balance.

How does DraftKings Dynasty Rewards work?

Welcome to Dynasty Rewards

Earn Crowns and Tier Credits for every dollar spent across DraftKings’ products. Earn Status to unlock money-can’t-buy Benefits and Rewards.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards is a loyalty program designed to reward dedicated users who actively participate in daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests on the platform. While the specifics may have evolved since then, the fundamental principles are likely to remain similar.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards operates on a tier-based system. As users engage in DFS contests and accumulate points, they advance through different loyalty tiers. The more points earned, the higher the tier achieved, unlocking various benefits and bonuses.

Typically, the rewards and benefits increase in value and exclusivity as users progress through the tiers. These rewards may include entry fee discounts, access to exclusive contests, special promotions, personalized customer support, and other unique experiences.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards encourage consistent participation, strategic play, and brand loyalty. Active users who make regular deposits and engage in various contests stand to gain the most from this program.

To make the most of Dynasty Rewards, users should regularly check their progress in the loyalty program through the “My Rewards” section on the platform. This section often provides a clear overview of their current tier status, the points needed to reach the next level, and the available rewards for each tier.

Does DraftKings have a rewards program?

The DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Program is a comprehensive rewards program that offers exciting perks, more ways to use Crowns, Tier Credits, and rewards your play across all DraftKings products.

DraftKings does have a rewards program to incentivize and reward its users for their engagement and loyalty. The rewards program is designed to enhance the overall gaming experience for players participating in daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting on the platform.

The DraftKings rewards program operates on a tier-based system, where users earn rewards points based on their activity and gameplay. As users accumulate more points, they progress through different loyalty tiers, unlocking various benefits and bonuses along the way.

These rewards may include entry fee discounts, free contest entries, cashback incentives, access to exclusive contests and promotions, personalized customer support, and other special perks that enhance the user’s overall experience.

DraftKings frequently offers time-limited promotions and bonuses, such as deposit matches and free bets, which provide additional opportunities for users to earn rewards.

The rewards program encourages user engagement, fostering a sense of excitement and competitiveness among players. It also offers a way for DraftKings to express gratitude to its loyal customers, providing an added incentive for them to continue using the platform for their daily fantasy sports and sports betting activities. For users, the rewards program adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their gaming journey while potentially boosting their chances of winning and maximizing their overall experience on DraftKings.

How To Use Rewards On Draftkings

How do I earn reward points in draftkings?

You can earn reward points by engaging in different activities on DraftKings, such as entering paid contests, playing casino games, or making real-money wagers in the sportsbook. The more you participate, the more points you accumulate, and the higher your rewards tier becomes.

Earning reward points on DraftKings is a simple and straightforward process. As a user engaging in daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests or sports betting on the platform, you can accumulate reward points by actively participating and wagering on various games and events. Here’s how you can earn reward points:

  1. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): When you enter DFS contests and compete against other players, you earn reward points based on the performance of your fantasy lineup. Points are typically awarded for factors such as player statistics, achievements, and final rankings in the contest.
  1. Sports Betting: For sports betting enthusiasts, placing real-money wagers on sporting events can also earn you reward points. The number of points earned may be based on the amount wagered or the odds of the bets placed.
  1. Loyalty Tiers: DraftKings often operates a tier-based loyalty program. As you accumulate more reward points, you progress through different loyalty tiers. Higher tiers unlock greater rewards and benefits.
  1. Promotions and Bonuses: DraftKings frequently runs special promotions and bonus offers, providing opportunities to earn additional reward points. These may include deposit matches, free bet promotions, or participating in specific contests or challenges.
  1. Refer-a-Friend: Some platforms, including DraftKings, offer referral programs. By inviting friends to join and play on the platform, you may earn bonus reward points for successful referrals.

Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can claim?

While DraftKings encourages its users to enjoy the benefits of the rewards program, there might be limitations on certain rewards. Some rewards may have a maximum number of redemptions allowed, and others may be limited by your current rewards tier.

DraftKings did not impose strict limits on the number of rewards users could claim. However, it’s essential to note that the rewards and benefits available to users are typically subject to specific terms and conditions, which may include restrictions or limitations on certain offers.

For instance, time-limited promotions and bonuses might have an expiration date, meaning you need to claim or use them within a specified timeframe. Additionally, some rewards may only be available to users who meet certain criteria, such as reaching a specific loyalty tier or participating in designated contests.

While DraftKings aims to provide a rewarding experience for its users, it also implements measures to prevent abuse of the system. This includes monitoring for any fraudulent activities or attempts to exploit promotions unfairly.

To ensure you understand the rules and limitations associated with the rewards program, it’s advisable to review the terms and conditions for each promotion or bonus you intend to claim. These details are often available on the DraftKings website or within the specific promotion’s description.

What types of rewards can I expect in Draftkings?

DraftKings offers a wide range of rewards, including free contest entries, free bets in the sportsbook, deposit bonuses, exclusive merchandise, and special experiences like VIP hospitality events or meet-and-greets with athletes.

In DraftKings, users can expect a wide range of rewards that enhance their gaming experience and add value to their participation in daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting. The types of rewards available may vary based on the user’s activity, loyalty level, and ongoing promotions. Here are some common types of rewards you can expect on DraftKings:

  • Entry Fee Discounts: Users may receive discounts on entry fees for DFS contests or sports betting events, allowing them to enter more contests or place additional bets without using as much of their own funds.
  • Free Contest Entries: DraftKings often grants users free entries into specific DFS contests, giving them a chance to compete for prizes without any upfront cost.
  • Cashback Incentives: Some rewards programs offer cashback incentives, where a percentage of the user’s losses is returned to them as a bonus, providing a form of insurance against unsuccessful wagers.
  • Exclusive Contests: High-tier loyalty program members may gain access to exclusive contests with larger prize pools or unique formats not available to the general user base.
  • Special Promotions: DraftKings frequently runs time-limited promotions, such as deposit matches, free bet offers, or guaranteed prize pool events, providing additional value and excitement to users.
  • Loyalty Tiers: As users accumulate reward points, they progress through loyalty tiers, unlocking various benefits like personalized customer support, faster withdrawals, and exclusive rewards.
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonuses: Some programs offer bonuses for referring friends to the platform, rewarding users for expanding the DraftKings community.
How To Use Rewards On Draftkings


Using rewards on DraftKings is a thrilling and rewarding experience that adds an extra dimension of excitement to your daily fantasy sports and sports betting journey. By actively participating in contests and placing bets, you earn valuable reward points that unlock a plethora of benefits and bonuses.

The user-friendly interface and transparent rewards program make it easy to track your progress, ensuring you never miss out on the numerous opportunities to claim enticing perks. Whether it’s gaining entry fee discounts, enjoying free contest entries, or accessing exclusive contests with lucrative prize pools, DraftKings’ rewards system caters to every player’s aspirations.

The tier-based loyalty program encourages continuous engagement and strategic play, rewarding your dedication with enhanced privileges, personalized support, and even more exceptional rewards.

As you embark on your adventure with DraftKings’ rewards, remember to stay updated with the latest promotions and time-limited offers to make the most of your opportunities. Whether you’re a casual player or a devoted fan, the rewards program ensures that everyone gets to savor the thrill of the game while reaping the benefits of their commitment.

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